Our kitchen is the heart of the centre, where our talented chef creates healthy, well-balanced and nutritious meals, so you know your children are eating well every day, without you having to worry about packing lunches!

Nutrition is so important for young children as it is directly linked to all aspects of their growth and development. We are also mindful of any food allergies or intolerance your child may have.  Please specify these at time of enrolment.

childcare kerikeri
childcare kerikeri

Transport & Excursions

Here at New Beginnings Childcare Kerikeri, we proudly operate our own New Beginnings Infant & Toddler Centre van, allowing us to help support both new and existing families who require assistance with transport to the centre.  Our location and our centre van allow us to take advantage of the many opportunities to get children out and about in the community.

Portfolios & Storypark

We use an awesome app called Storypark, which allows whānau to follow their child’s early learning journey and to ensure you don’t miss out on important centre communications.

Photos, videos and audio capture your child’s learning so you never miss a treasured moment again. You and your family can also feel more engaged in your child’s development, and you decide who you would like to invite to experience your childs learning journey with you. A perfect way to share those special moments with loved ones down the line or overseas.

Although we love to use Storypark as an online platform to communicate with parents, we also use paper portfolios for each child.

Children enjoy finding their paper portfolio and reflecting on their past activities at the centre. It is a fantastic way for children to engage in self-recognition and reflect on their personal development, as well as being a treasured keepsake for their 21st Birthday!

Contact us or drop into our childcare centre in Kerikeri. We’d love to hear from you.

We understand that your child’s education and care is a priority and that choosing the right childcare centre can be a big decision. We would be delighted to share in your child’s learning journey. Please contact us or drop into our childcare centre in Kerikeri and meet our passionate teachers and team.