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Feeding the Body and Mind at New Beginnings Kerikeri

At New Beginnings Infant & Toddler Care on Hone Heke Road in Kerikeri, we are all about flavour. When it comes to your tamariki we are on board to help these wee ones grow into strong, healthy kids that understand what good food looks like. It’s not always easy to get your childcare kid to eat nutritious food so we thought we would share a couple of tips that we think are pretty smart. We have an in-house chef to help ensure that our children are eating nutritious food throughout the day.

Dipping Into Flavour

Kids love dips! Whipping up a dip can be fast and easy and it’s a great way to slip in some powerful nutrients to keep your tamariki moving in the right direction. We all seem to be eating a lot of hummus these days and it’s hard to find a kid that doesn’t fancy it – did you know it’s a really simple recipe? When you make hummus at home there are a few ways to approach it, you can go the whole hog and buy dried chickpeas in bulk then cook them till they soften and take off the shells. At New Beginnings Infant & Toddler Care we reckon you can skip that step for an even easier dip.

Cans Can

At most supermarkets and dairies these days you can buy cans of chickpeas that are ready to eat. At our Kerikeri childcare centre, we grab a couple and empty them into the Nutribullet, or blender – if you don’t have one no worries – put your potato masher on standby. Once the chickpeas are in the bowl you can cut a lemon and squeeze the juice over the chickpeas, glug in some olive oil, add a bit of salt – you’re nearly done! The last ingredient sounds a bit fancy but it’s actually just sesame seeds in a kind of paste, it’s called Tahini and it gives your hummus a bit of tang and smoothness.

Whizz Kids!

At New Beginnings Infant & Toddler Care we suggest you add a couple of big spoons of Tahini, then turn on your blender or mash the ingredients together. It tastes good chunky or smooth – just like peanut butter! There you go, you have made a healthy and delicious dip – so what now? You can take your snack next level healthy by peeling and cutting some carrots, slicing up some celery or adding a rice cracker on the side for dipping. You can serve this on toast, with fish fingers, as a glob on the side of your curry – honestly it really goes with pretty much anything!

Get in touch with New Beginnings Infant & Toddler Care in Kerikeri to chat about working together towards a healthy start for your baby or toddler, lets eat right and keep moving!