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Growing Independent Learners at New Beginnings Kerikeri

At New Beginnings Infant and Toddler Care in Kerikeri, we work to ensure that every daycare kid heads to primary school with some basic self-care skills that will help them feel like they are capable individuals who can take on the world! It’s all about teaching your tamariki that they can do some small daily tasks all by themselves, it may take a little time and patience, but it will go a long way towards sending them off to school with confidence.

Where Are My Shoes?

We’ve all been there, it’s time to head out the door in the morning, and those shoes are nowhere to be found! Teaching your childcare child to take responsibility for their shoes, bags, coats and hats is a mammoth task that likely requires repeating yourself around a thousand times – or at least it will feel like it! At New Beginnings childcare centre in Kerikeri, we start by having a dedicated spot for these essential items, this may work for you at home, and it’s certainly worth a try.

Cubby’s & Hooks

If you are trying to get your child to keep track of their things, you could start by making sure there are a few hooks by the front door installed at a height they can easily access. Make sure there are hooks for your things in the same spot and begin by modelling putting things where they belong. The bag goes on the hook; the coat goes on the hook…and the shoes? Well, if they are lace-ups, they could potentially go on the hook too?

Shoebox And Socks

Probably easier to show your New Beginnings Infant & Toddler Care kid that you leave your shoes neatly on the floor under your bag and coat – or start a shoebox! Another smart tip here is to use this moment to remove lunchboxes from bags and have them taken directly to a dedicated spot in the kitchen. You could even encourage socks to be brought straight to the wash basket! You can be certain that all of these habits will take time to take hold – and you may need to teach them again when they hit the teenage years. However, a little time spent today will be a little time saved down the line – and it’s all about encouraging independence.

Get in touch with our Kerikeri childcare centre today to chat about little things you can start doing now that will allow your child to feel somewhat grown-up when they head off to big school.