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Working Together for a Brighter Future

At New Beginnings Childcare in Kerikeri, we are helping to raise the next generation – and we take that pretty seriously. We want to be part of helping your tamariki grow into mindful global citizens who understand that small daily routines can make a huge difference for the planet – and for the quality of living people are experiencing in the long term. Whew! That seems like a lot of responsibility! So what does it actually mean to practise sustainability?

Sustainable Living – Start Small

Using resources sustainably means leaving things in a state where the next generation is able to access the same resources, or better still, improving things so that the future of those resources are no longer at risk. At our Kerikeri, we do a few things regularly that help to build our contribution to protecting what we enjoy so that the next lot can enjoy it too. One of the ways we get our Kerikeri childcare kids involved is to model the Three R’s – this used to mean something different, when we use it now we mean Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

The Three R’s

Although Reading, Writing and Arithmetic are still definitely on the menu at New Beginnings Infant and Toddler Care, our Kerikeri childcare kids are also learning how to reduce our rubbish, how to use purchased items more than once, and how to send our plastics and papers back into the garbage cycle in the right way. While most homes have a council rubbish system in place, there are a few other easy ways to take responsibility for our footprint in the world , so what does it mean to Reuse?

Reusing Plastics and Glass

While at New Beginnings Infant and Toddler Care we reckon it’s always best to try and purchase products which have less packaging or packaging that can be easily recycled, it’s also cool to use containers again. For example, perhaps you are buying yoghurt, think about what you might use a plastic container for and then choose the yoghurt according to the reusability of the container. Purchasing goods in a container with a lid which will be airtight means you can use it to store leftovers in your fridge or freezer – or you could use it to store craft materials, leftover paint – or perhaps nails and screws in the shed. Just be sure that when you are Reusing containers that you wash them thoroughly before they are repurposed.

There are so many small steps we can take to make a big difference – if we all pull together we can make a real change. For some more tips on how to get the three R’s humming at your house get in touch with us at New Beginnings Infant and Toddler Care today!